lightnerCamomile Hair Lightener, suitable for highlights - a unique combination of camomile extract and vegetable-based ingredients which lighten hair gradually without damage. Contains 3% peroxide. 260ml


Aloe Vera solution protects your hair and scalp from irritation, tones the scalp and invigorates hair at the root. Its active ingredients have been enriched with wheat, mallow and nettle which soothe the scalp whilst moisturising and nourishing the hair. With its added vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera Solution is an invaluable part of your Herbatint hair colouring routine. Can be used as a Pre-colouring treatment, Pre-Shampoo or when styling. 70ml

cruelty free and vegan

Antica Erboristeria’s products are NOT tested on animals.


Antica Erboristeria Ranges’ packaging is made with fully recyclable materials.

sensitive skin

Dematologically tested - safe for use on sensitive skin.

gluten free

Gluten free ingredients.